Web Hosting Tips You Should Know

Web Hosting Tips You Should Know

Good hosting is crucial to any website. They are the foundation of your website, your brand, and your business. Any server downtime could potentially hurt and ruin everything you’ve developed over the years. If you are serious about your website, you need to make sure they are in good hands.

It is tough to choose between web hosting companies these days, especially as we are always overwhelmed by tempting promotions web hosting companies are throwing at us.

If you are looking to get a web hosting account, here is an article we figured you might take a look before getting carried away by tempting promotions and marketing gimmicks.

Web Hosting Tips; The “Free Domain” Gimmick

A free domain certainly sounds nice, however here are some things you might need to take note of before agreeing to the free domains provided:

Who owns the domain? The domain is free, but the hosting company retains the ownership. What does it mean? You’re either stuck with the company forever or you need to pay a hefty sum to buy the domain back.
What about the next few years of renewal? The first year is free, but when you want to renew it, they’ll charge $19.95+ for renewal. That is like a 200% markup over the average domain name cost.

Web Hosting Tips; Separate Domain and Hosting

Domain names don’t have to be registered at the same company. Don’t take us the wrong way; we are not implying that your current web host is not trust-able; it’s more about finding a dependable and trustworthy registrar right from the start.

After all, the domain name is your online identity, the most expensive and irreplaceable asset while hosting services are just there to accommodate the website.

Web Hosting Tips; Read That Bandwidth and Disk space Terms

Bandwidth and disk space are terms often ignored by people shopping for shared web hosting.

You should ask yourself, “What if my website becomes really popular overnight, and draws in thousands or millions of visitors? Will I pay a hefty charge for the huge data transfer?“

Of course, most websites won’t go past their bandwidth quota by high traffic alone, but if you provide some files for downloads on your website, it can potentially happen.